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Get up to date with the new ground breaking AD Booster technology, that increases your biogas yield with up to 50%.

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About ApS is a Danish company formed to commercialize the AD Booster technology, a unique technology platform that can increase the biogas yield from anaerobic digestion by up to 50% and backed by private investors. This technology makes a significant fraction of the normally non-digestible fibers found in biomass materials fed to biogas plants accessible to the anaerobic microbes, creating more biogas from a given amount of feed, or allowing the use of lower cost feeds to generate the same amount of biogas. The AD Booster thereby favorably addresses two of the main cost drivers in biogas production – feedstock cost and biogas yield.

Our technology can be added on to existing plants with minimal impact to existing operations or incorporated into the design of new plants to maximize biogas production. We are currently developing a demonstration project with partners Ribe Biogas A/S, Grontmij A/S, and Aalborg University with support from the Danish program EUDP, a program giving support for development and demonstration of new energy technology. The first AD Booster plant in industrial scale will be up in operation in the beginning of 2016 and a full demonstration of the process in commercial scale is anticipated by Mid 2016. We invite interested parties to contact us to arrange a visit to the demonstration project and to discuss the potential application of the AD Booster technology at their own facility.

To ensure further optimization of the AD Booster technology along with development of other marketable technologies suitable for add-on’s to biogas facilities, the company will further run a rigorous research activity. As part of this activity we have secured full access to a well-equipped pilot facility operated by our US partner company.


AD Booster

Anaerobic digestion typically converts only 40% to 50% of the biomass feed material to biogas. The AD Booster process treats the non-digestible fiber fraction with the patented AWEx technology to increase the digestibility of the fibers. The AD Booster system has been shown to increase biogas yields from low cost, fibrous feedstocks such as manure by 25% to 50% resulting in a much higher overall conversion of the raw material (over 70%). For a relatively minor investment, new or existing biogas plants can significantly increase their revenues by implementing the AD Booster process.

AWEx Technology

AWEx is the patented fiber treatment technology developed by CleanVantage LLC for breaking down lignocellulosic biomass materials. The technology has been licensed to BioVantage for exclusive use in Europe in all applications related to biogas production including the AD Booster process. AWEx stands for Advanced Wet Explosion, a combination of wet oxidation and steam explosion that disrupts the structure of the biomass, making it more available for subsequent conversion to higher value products. With this technology, lignocellulosic feedstocks are unlocked, resulting in high yields of desired products in downstream hydrolysis and fermentation process steps.

The AWEx fiber treatment technology has major competitive advantages compared to alternative technologies:

- Feedstock agnostic, i.e., it is effective for any biomass material.

- No added chemicals, resulting in lower capital and operating costs and giving product streams free from contaminating chemicals.

- Easily digestible product ready for further fermentation or processing, allowing lower enzyme doses to produce sugars from biomass while giving higher product yields.

- Simple, low-cost equipment that is commercially proven in a similar process for non-biomass materials and has been extensively tested with biomass materials.

- Thermally efficient, minimizing steam consumption by recovering most of the input energy through recycling the outlet steam to preheat the incoming feed materials.


Enhanced biogas production by means of the AD Booster technology is being demonstrated at commercial scale at the Ribe Biogas facility in Ribe, Denmark with the support of private investors and a grant from the EUDP Energy Technology Development and Demonstration Program. BioVantage is working with partners Ribe Biogas, Grontmij, and Aalborg University to install and operate a small, commercial-scale AD Booster system at the Ribe Biogas facility.

The primary focus of the technology demonstration is to confirm the laboratory and pilot results of the AD Booster process at a commercial scale, thereby opening the door to commercial application of the technology. The AD Booster system will be operated in parallel with the existing biogas process, allowing direct comparison of process performance with and without the AD Booster system. The testing will confirm the process flowsheet, operating conditions, product yields, and overall operability of the system, thereby providing at-scale data for cost and performance modeling of commercial projects. The first phase of the demonstration testing will be completed and BioVantage will be ready to begin receiving commercial orders sometime in Mid 2016. 

Following successful demonstration of the AD Booster system with the typical biogas process, additional testing will be performed to demonstrate the ability of the AD Booster technology to increase methane yields from materials which traditionally have a low biogas yield due to the presence of high concentration of lignocellulosic polymers. This will be all from straw, husk, woody waste as well as green waste. Success in this stage of the demonstration will open the door to economical biogas production using only lower-value feedstocks, eliminating the need for food processing wastes and/or energy crops that are more costly and potentially limited in supply.

As commercialization of the technology is the main focus of at this stage, potential customers are invited to contact BioVantage to arrange to visit the demonstration plant to observe the AD Booster system in operation and to review its performance. It is anticipated that the system will be in full operations in the first half of 2016.


June 15, 2015 – BioVantage has been selected by EUDP’s Board of Directors as one of the recipients of the first round EUDP 2015 grants for technology development and demonstration. A total budget of 23.5 mill DKK will be used by BioVantage and its partners over the next 30 months to demonstrate BioVantage’s AD Booster process at the Ribe Biogas facility. The AD Booster process utilizes an advanced fiber treatment process to make normally non-digestible biomass fibers available to microbes for digestion, increasing the gas yield by 25% to 50% for new or existing plants. The process will also enable the use of lower-cost feed materials by boosting the gas yield significantly from such wastes. BioVantage’s partners on the project include Ribe Biogas A/S, Grontmij A/S, and Aalborg University.

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